Speedpaint Sunday 11

The name “Speedpaint Sunday” implies that I would be spending a very short amount of time on the featured piece from start to finish. Granted, I’m still relatively new at this kind of artwork, and not as confident as I might be, but sometimes when I’m reworking the same piece from week to week it makes me feel like I’m not quite accomplishing what I’m supposed to be setting out to do.

Anyhow, in the interests of making myself feel better, I tried to work as fast as I could… with no real destination in mind, as is often the case when I sit down in front of my computer on a Sunday evening.

At first glance, it seems like I’m going backward- as though I worked this up from a sketch. In truth, that’s what I did, and tried to use colors as much as possible insetad of relying on simple saturations to create differences in planes/objects. But even with that, the boogeyman of Where To Place Shadows juped out from behind th ecouch and hit me with a dead fish. Even trying to place the shadows as if I were working on it in my usual cel-shading style didn’t help much.

I need to take a class or something, or maybe consider bone structure a bit more. I’m definitely lacking something here, and that really bothers me.

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