Dragon-A-Day, Day 22

After replacing its heart, my desktop has sputtered sullenly back to life. I’m still wrestling with the malware infesting my laptop, but at least we’re functional.

On and off today, I was mulling over the concept of a digital dragon, due to all the computer problems, but ultimately discarded it. I also wanted to do some other form of adaptation like the Macejaw, but didn’t think it past that stage. I remembered trying to draw a mechanical dragon back in my wild and carefree youth, I might even have the sketches somewhere. I remember that it was largely based on anatomy; replacing muscle with cable and pulley and so on, and my understanding of musculature was even worse than it is now, if such a thing can be imagined, so ultimately it was scrapped back then.

Somewhere in my thought process today while coming home from the computer parts store, I came up with a brilliant story about mechanical dragons and other things, but I didn’t write it down, because as soon as I came home, I ran out the door to go elsewhere. I’m sad that I didn’t get it down while it was fresh in my head, but I have the gist of it still, and will probably share it with you tomorrow/later today, because I’m dumb tired at the moment, and it’s crazy late.

As it is, here are some sketches of the mechanical dragon I was thinking of- originally it was supposed to be built for riding, but it somehow became autonomous:


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