Dragon-A-Day, Day 51

In addition to my own dragons, I’ve begun branching out and drawing the dragons that others hold dear.

Today’s dragon comes from the message board at draconity.org (Draconity (Drah-con-it-tee) is the belief that in some way or another, one is spiritually connected with dragons), and is Rossenod’s dragon, Arsenod.

Filling in a questionnaire I posted, he writes:

Style (Eastern, Western, Anthro, ophidian, other):
Arsenod is an Anthro Wyvern.

Relative size and build:
He is roughly twice the size, standing up, of an adult human being. He is fit, but not particularly muscular. His build is more streamlined than anything else, but he is still very strong.

Horns (number, style):

He has three horns, one on the tip of his snout and two on the back of his head. The one in front goes forward, and the two in back jut out from behind his brow heading backwards about six inches. He does not have any spines going down his back, but rather has a mane that goes from the top of his head to the base of his neck.

Wings (include number of wing-fingers, if possible):
He has two wings, basically like bat wings, with four wing fingers that hold up the wing itself and one “thumb” that look like a claw at the place where the other fingers join. They all join at the end of the arm and are built similar to a hand.

Accouterments (back spikes, head frills, beard):
Like I said above, he has a mane going from the top of his head to the base of his neck. He also has a raised brow above his eyes, similar to that of an eagle. He has a short scraggly beard that runs the length of his jaw and curls down and forward, the hairs getting slightly longer the closer they are to the neck.

Any other distinguishing features (scars, funny hats, surprise me):
The only really distinguishing features I can think of right away are: 1) he has a long slender neck, 2) a thin tail instead of a thick one, and 3) his feet are like a bird’s feet, but with four fingers in the front and one small one in the back. He has hide or skin, not scales, and long fangs at the front of his mouth. His tongue is really thin and forked.

Anything else that makes this dragon an individual:
As he is anthro, he does have a more human build in his torso, and he has the standard appointments in the front especially from the base of the neck to the hips that male humans have. He usually stands erect like a human does instead of like an animal, though he does, on occasion, walk with his whole body facing down. He is naked. He usually lives in a forested area, with waterfalls, steams, and lots of evergreen trees.

And this is what I did:

This wasn’t an easy creature to put together. One of the hardest things about this was figuring out what to do with him that wouldn’t obscure him- since I couldn’t put the wings “up and out of the way,” as they were his arms, and doing that would just make him look off-balance. As I write this, I am reminded of Tyldak, from Elfquest , and man, was that guy hidden behind his wings half the time, or so I remember from reading the comics like 15 years ago…

I also wasn’t sure of what to do with the neck. Without the huge S-curve, it just seemed off-balance. Even curving it around, say to look over his shoulder (something I did play with for awhile), just seemed odd. That, and the head seemed to be outsized for his humanoid body- I’m still not sure if I got it right.

There were a number of semi-neat poses that I might have done, but between the arms and neck seeming pretty much off-limits, I wasn’t sure what to do. Maybe I should have just drawn him in flight. Since Arsenod is between 10 and 12 feet tall, I threw in some pine trees for scale, but I should have probably added some sort of definite thing, like a house, or even a human being, now that I’m thinking about it… Bleh.

Not my best work, but I suppose it’ll have to do. I seem to be having an off week so far.

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