Dragon-A-Day, Day 53

I’m really tired still and was busy most of the day today with various administrative-type things, so I wasn’t feeling that much like digging in my head for inspiration.

Lucky for me the folk at draconity.org are plenty psyched about me sketching their dragons. Dradolan writes:

“I have never been able to do a good anthro drawing of myself. I would like a anthro look of myself which is western.
My size as a human (as a template) is quite big in size. I am about 6’2 in height so that may be useful.
As a dragon I was slim so I would like to be slim.
Wings have 4-5 fingers. I am not sure.
I have a long straight mane from my head that slightly of covers my face and goes down my neck to my body where it stops. I also have a furry tail that is quite long.
I have underbelly scales.

I think that is all….I hope that is suitable for you. Blessed Be and thank you.”

…”I think I forgot to mention I have horns….but I don’t know if that is too late to say that.

Oh well. I think I would look alright without my black horns.”

I’m not sure what it is with the anthropomorphic dragons, but my brain just sort of locks up when I try to pose them. I don’t know what to do with them, and that bothers me. I’m going through a list, and haven’t gotten to a “feral-” which is apparently slang for a dragon (or other quadrupedal creature) that actually looks like a dragon and walks on four legs- dragon yet; though I don’t expect to have a problem with them. Anyhow, here is the sketch:


And here is another dose of Selroth, in Day 2 of the Roth-A-Day commissions. I tried to do it from memory during a bit of downtime, but then realized that that was stupid:


Then I slapped myself around a bit, got my act together and waited until I got home to do it. They came out much better, though there were still a few things that I was unsure of/will probably need to change:


Click to Enlarge.

Have a nice weekend everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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