Dragon-A-Day, Day 66


Did you ever wonder why dragons are sometimes depicted as having holes in their wings? I have, because it bothers me. Well, this little critter is my continuity’s reason why. Their saliva has a powerful anesthetic as they use their serrated rasping jaws to eat away at the sails of a sleeping dragon’s wing. Should the dragon stir in its sleep, the motion only aggravates the tear, resulting in the raggedy, but still sometimes sound wing-sails that you sometimes see.

It was a bit rushed; it was late and I wanted to do this, along with another parasite, along with a dragon tonight, but obviously that didn’t work out. For Val, I started in the middle of the page this time, where the mouthparts are, but then I was worried that it was looking too… Georgia O’Keeffe-ish, so I left off there.

And once again, conversations on The Facebook influence tonight’s dragon. Remember all those head-on drawings I was trying to dope out, and how I kept erasing the riders? (especially this one?) Well, this is why:


I had wanted to finish this for my friend A.D. Lugo for Xmas, as he’d been telling me to do this for the last several years (and for those of you waiting on me to do sketches for you, yes, I know, I’m working on it), and that was part of what prompted me to start the Dragon-A-Day posts in the first place.

But, in a flurry of status comments, he threw the gauntlet down, so I had to respond. I had wanted to take more time and figure out the pose and such, but this is essentially what I wanted to do, so I’m happy with it for now. There are several problems that I have with it (mostly the dragon’s face) but it’ll do.

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