Dragon-A-Day, Day 67

A bit of a departure from the semi-weighty arcanobiological discussion of the last few days, and definitely a little more lighthearted than the Plague Dragon postings, today’s dragon is Xenorosth, from draconity.org. He writes:

Type: Western Feral
Color: Blue scales
Spikes and horns: White spikes down the spine, 2 large horns on the head
Size specs: 12 ft from nose to tail
5ft in height
20ft in wingspan
Weight: A bit on the thin side
Build: Moderately Built
General Appearance: Slightly on the cutesy side, but also has his fierce sides (You can pick either I guess :P)

He didn’t give me very much at all to work with, so I latched onto the “cutesy side.” I like the way that it came out, though the tail might be a bit too long, and I’m not sure about the right wing.

Click to enlarge.

I also have no idea where his right foot is, now that I’m looking at it… :-/

Well, that’s it for tonight. Enjoy your weekends, guys and gals.

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