Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 822: Headspace.

First, THIS:

And you can read about it here.

I would probably have done some sort of fan art for it tonight, but I have been wrestling with a stress headache all evening, so I will just share some head sketches I did while trying to wrangle a new “stuff for other stuff” sketch.

09162013 - Headspaces

Basically, I wanted to do something with the dragon looking straight at the viewer, and got annoyed that I haven’t figured it out after all this time. I mean, I’ve been wrestling with straight-on views for some time now, including my own dragon (and sorry for not including a link, but like I said, headache), so I wanted to at least make a reasonable effort at trying to solve this visual problem.

But that will have to wait until I’m not feeling quite so headachy and nauseous.

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