Dragon-A-Day, Day 71

Today I had to retrieve a high-school aged friend of mine from the nurse’s office at his school, his parent/guardians being a little too far away to do the job. While on my way there, I idly considered doing some sort of sketch with my dragon carrying out the impromptu extraction, but discarded the idea, instead opting for this stocky fellow here:

While the dragon is at heart an adversary for The Hero to overcome, it can be a guardian at the same time. The Hospitaler Dragon isn’t necessarily a counterpoint to the War Dragon, but I was thinking of them this evening as well, mostly their environment, society and their relationship with humanoids.

I’m not sure how this sketch came out; originally it was supposed to be flying, but that wasn’t working at all, especially when I was trying to show the chest protector (I was also wondering about barding for a dragon, as they face the same challenges as their anthropomorphic counterparts when it comes to fastening things about the body) but that didn’t work, so I planted the feet. I like the hands a lot, but I’m not sure if the claws work. They definitely have them, but I’m not sure if they look right here. The hindlegs were a little odd- I wanted them to stick out, I was thinking that it would be a strong flyer, albeit a bit heavy, and instead of large feet, I wanted it to have a wider base, for attaching muscles to and so on, so I turned the thighs outward, which made perspective on the other side of the body weird.

But I like it. I tried to break away from the standard head shape and I think I succeeded; the jowls remind me of a St. Bernard, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The dragon is as thickset as it is because while I’m not quite sure of the scale, they have to defend their charges from time to time, as well as fly out to them and carry them back.

That’s it for today; stay healthy y’all.

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