Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 903: Getting Social (again).

So sometime last year I grudgingly acknowledged that I probably need to do something about the kids on my lawn and that I should consult The Twitter about it.

Then I promptly never did anything past that.

On Monday night, I had a conversation about Tumblr, and it (eventually) seemed less loathsome, because I really don’t like Twitter in theory or practice. Also, Tumblr seems like I might be able to “set and forget” my RSS feed, ala Facebook, only people might care a bit more. And seeing as I occasionally glance at the odd Tumblr blog every so often, it might not be so awful to deal with:

12182013 - Getting Social (Again).

Nevertheless, I make no promises. And I still haven’t figured out how his head looks from the front, despite really meaning to that one time.

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