Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,039: Random Word: Cudgeler.

This weekend has been somewhat taxing. Instead of a relaxing Sunday afternoon, I found myself out and about- way more out and about than I had planned. I came home in kind of a mood and decided to just phone in a random word so I could go off and pout.

Then, this came up:


 Definition: One who beats with a cudgel.

There were unlimited possibilities with that, but clearly, they all revolved around tool use. I took the path of less resistance and did this stocky fellow:

05042014 - Random Word: Cudgeler.

Admittedly, it’s a mess and I didn’t do much to clean it up.I was planning to phone it in, but I started on the face and wanted to Make An Effort.

I got stuck on the three-quarter view and didn’t put in enough effort to fix it once the shoulders started acting strange. I also felt compelled to put the head fins and wings on him, so that it would be more clearly “dragon” as opposed to lizardman,” which kind of bothered me, but I did it anyway.

When I started working on the underside scales, I quickly Googled “overweight lizard” and found this review about a book by this guy, which I might even pick up and read. And, as a related aside, part of me is wondering what will happen to my web traffic as this post has the tags “fat,” “anthro,” and “dragon” in it. Not that I’m against such things, but I know how things work around these here interwebs.

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