Dragon-A-Day, Day 97

To the living, Fire is pain.

Like last night, I wanted this creature to be as untouchable as possible- serrated edges and spikes where ever they would fit. The jaws don’t even have gums in them; they’ve been stripped out to make more room for teeth. The brow ridges have had spikes added to them, even the ridge of scales that ran down the muzzle last night has been replaced by a larger, spikier protrusion that I think works better. I’d also wanted it to have long, curling horns, but could not figure out where to put them last night. These work better, but I might add more.

I’m fond of the idea of the upper portions of the dragon being composed of flames, as well. I think this works better than the “leaking flames” from yesternight’s post. I’m still noodling away at the limbs, but the chest works. The scales for the neck seem to be built more on the Rule of Cool than anything else, so I will probably re-examine them before I commit to anything.

I’ve also been idly wondering about the genders of each catastrophe, mostly because I’ve been taking to personifying them as I work. I haven’y come up with anything final yet, but it’s been fun to think about.

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