Dragon-A-Day, Day 98

“You can see him riding on the wind,
You can see him with his wings of fire
Like the speed of light he rules the winter sky…”

“Doomlord” by Dream Evil

Following some facebook conversation re: yesterday’s post I’d wanted to draw the Wildfire Dragon pwning my friend Maya’s Level 70 Paladin. Then I realized I didn’t know what the dragon’s body looked like, and I might as well figure that out before trying to pose it.

Wings of fire are awesome. I’m not sure about the hindfeet, but I like the spindly build. Now that I’m looking at it, more arms (ala depictions of Shiva, whom if my slightl sleep-addled memory recalls correctly is a fiery deity, but I’m probably wrong,) might be an interesting idea, but I have extra limbs kind of reserved for the water-based catastrophes.

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