Dragon-A-Day, Day 99

Guh, I’m tired today. Couldn’t think of something clever or innovative today, so instead I’m tackling the last dragon from my draconity queue.

This is kilmore. He writes:

This looks fun so I’ll have a try!

Style: Umm it’s more the style you would see in some book like eragon. I guess a more erupoean style.
Size: Total length is 17′ wing span is 13′ Height to the head is around 8′
Build: A normal build nothing too special.
Horns: No horns
Wings: Semi-translucent membrane. The wing itself is not that skinny or thick just draw it your style. No fingers please I just have four legs and two wings and 1 tail for limbs!
Spikes: Spikes at regular places starting from about 1 foot from the head going down the neck until about three feet from the base of the tail then become steadily smaller along the tail.

Misc: The tail is about 1/3 the whole length of me. I’m not too fierce looking so try not to draw me fighting. I also am more on the cute side. I might decide to use this as a icon because your works are very impressive and I can’t draw that well.

Since he specifically said he might want to use the image for an avatar, I tried to keep the face clear of the body, or at least put it in a pose that’d read well. I think i succeeded.

The hands and arms were annoying- I was dislocating both the shoulders repeatedly while trying to draw this, and the hip wasn’t helping, either. I think it’s allright now, but the hands could probably still be better.

I’ve also (re)discovered that I hate drawing random things, like piles of stuff. The dragon is supposed to be sitting on a hoard of candy, but I crapped out on it, because I couldn’t think of enough variations of candies for him to be sitting on.

But on the whole, I like it a lot. I might go back, color this one, and add it to my portfolio.

I’m off to bed early for once, so I’ll see you tomorrow.

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