Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,140: Ergonomics.

So I’ve complained about my workspace and repetitive stresses on at least one occasion in this space, and I took today to try and (once again) do something about it.

I think that I’ll end up with some sort of standing desk, but for now, my workspace is higher, so my elbows rest at that 45-degree range that OSHA recommends, but it feels awkward as all get out, and I feel like I’m still typing the same way- if anything, I’m holding my hands up, as opposed to leaving my arms on the armrests and letting my hands dangle, like I read somewhere that you’re supposed to do.

But since I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m not used to it or because I have made everything exponentially worse, I’ll stick with it for a little while yet. But, for now:

08132014 - Ergonomics.

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