Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,306: Head Game.

I really need to have a solid idea in mind (or at least a faily flexible one) when I’m doing these pen sketches. I can’t really sketch around and try to feel it out unless I’m warming up the pen/page (the paper in the sketchbooks I’ve been using has an odd coating that sometimes prevents the pen from gliding across the page. On the upside, the pencil sketches have as yet to even begin to smudge after all this time), so once I start, I pretty much have to commit.

…and I told you all that so I could tell you this: While watching (and being disapponted by) the Royal Rumble, I started on this. My (vague) idea was to do some sort of challenging posture involving a roar, reflective of all the machismo and bravado that was going on in pay-per-view. Instead, I ended up doing a pretty cool head and having not a whole lot of space for much else:

01252015 - Head Game

Click to Enlarge.

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