Dragon-A-Day Reboot: Day 18

Well, moving into the new space is going well enough. but there’s still a lot to do in order for this to actually do anything aside from “be a failed experiment.” Among other things:

  • Have to finish unpacking and setting things up (still trying to find a WP theme that doesn’t annoy me on one level or another)
  • Need to make a banner image (which kind of depends on the theme)
  • Have to have the housewarming party of sorts, where I tell everyone I know and stuff.

On a non-administrative note, while sitting and chatting with some friends over muffins after life drawing this evening, I was thinking of a fast dragon.


At first I was thinking of something with wings, then I tried making it more like a cheetah with long limbs and a comparatively deep chest. This dragon works pretty well, though the head is a little generic, and does not really add to the feeling of speed.  I’ll probably revisit it, but I need to do my taxes tomorrow, and need to get to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.

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