Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 796: Under A Dark Cloud.

I spent most of today feeling kind of like this (well, from about 0:43 onward), even though I shouldn’t.

I had a long rant that I was totally prepared to throw up here, but then I went out, had a cannoli and sat in the park. It also helped that I wrote out my (now somewhat redacted) rant as I sketched tonight. If you can read it, you deserve to know what’s in it:

In hindsight, I clearly should have made the cloud hand-shaped, but I didn't think of it.

Click to enlarge. Again, if you can read it, you get the prize of knowing what’s on my mind.

(I considered editing out the entire thing, blah blah blah Internet Footprint, but decided against it. However, I did cut it somewhat more than I initially thought I would, after some introspection, because blah blah blah Internet Footprint. *annoyed sigh*)

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